[FOTOS] La última conejita Playboy en desnudarse

Ana Cheri quedará en la historia de la revista Playboy por ser la última conejita en desnudarse.

Recordemos que Hugh Hefner, el fundador de la revista para hombres, anunció que dejarán de publicar desnudos a partir de marzo de 2016, aunque no dejará de tener mujeres provocativas en sus páginas.

Acá unas fotos de la última conejita Playboy

My abs have decided to make an appearance again after tightening up my diet. Curvy and toned are always my goals ?? Tag a friend who likes fit chicks ??? #AnaCheri #Athlete #Fitgirl #abs #bodyengineers @bodyengineersofficial

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Good morning everyone!! I hope you all have a super awesome Friday, let’s go be productive!! ?? #AnaCheri #bodyengineers @bodyengineersofficial Una foto publicada por anacheri (@anacheri) el

Well it was an amazing month being Miss October ??? It may not be my month anymore but I’ll always be a playboy bunny! Next goal PMOY! Have a fun evening everyone. #AnaCheri #MissOctober #halloween #bepositive #happygirl #winning #bunny #PMOY

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Running away, falling in love, and never returning ?☁️☁️☁️ Tag your friends and I’ll see you in a few days! . I hope you have a good Friday tomorrow and an even better weekend!! #AnaCheri #dreamer #vacation Una foto publicada por anacheri (@anacheri) el

Oh my gosh! I had so much fun yesterday ??☀️ How did you celebrate the holiday? Like this photo and hashtag me in your LDW pics and I’ll give them a like ?? #AnaCheri #LDW

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